“Play on Players” YouTube Video

“Play on Players” is a YouTube video created by my classmates and I. We collaborated to create a YouTube video and report based on the “Triad of Players” which is the relationship between the child, educator and parent. We also incorporated many of the concepts in the 2nd chapter of our textbook called “Empowering Pedagogy”. We also incorporated aspects of Urie Bronfenbrenner’s “Ecological Theory” which theorizes that children have five major systems that strongly influence development. In the video we also talk about how children learn, as well as the concept of loose parts and how it influences a child’s development.




Reggio Emilia Inspired Programs


Reggio Emilia is a philosophy focused on early childhood and primary school. Reggio is an approach that respects many aspects of dewy , piaget and Vygotsky. With this philosophy children learn through play and educators base the curriculum on the child’s interests. Many of the materials in Reggio inspired programs are all natural raw materials. Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration on Reggio.