My Personal Philosophy

I strongly believe that children are valuable, capable, citizens of society; they are diverse and spiritual. Children as members of our society have their own opinions and values around how things should be in their world. For children to thrive they need to be in an environment that is cognitively, physically, emotionally, and socially stimulating. Children are the seeds in the environment, they control how they grow and thrive. As an educator it’s my job to help guide them in our growth, I must give them the sunlight and water that they need to grow. I will help children thrive by, promoting a healthy environment where children can learn through experimentation with their world. I will also provide an environment where collaboration between the educator, child, and parent is key. My job is to just be a guide in the child’s learning, allowing the child to use their own curiosity and creativity. By creating an environment that is rich in diversity, children gain a sense of respect for the world around them

 Children learn through their experimentation with the world, and all the trial and error they are present with each day. For children to learn they can’t be given the answers to the problems they need to solve. Although they can be given an environment to find the answers in! For children to gain knowledge and understanding about the world they are in, they need an ample opportunity to experiment with the world around them and find what works. Through this children gain a sense of understanding, and foster self-regulation skills. Presenting children with an environment rich in experiences, and materials will give children a chance to experiment. Allowing the educator to guide them in their learning by allowing them to have trials and errors, gives children a chance to build new knowledge and ideas.

 I believe that it is of high importance to give children the chance to be involved in their own learning. Designing programming and curriculum based on the child’s interest, gives the child a say on what they are learning. Having children dialogue and listening to “wonder type conversations” helps the educator to build a curriculum based on this curiosity. When children have their interests met, they get excited and driven to learn more and gain a sense of knowledge and understanding about the topic. And when children have the interests met they know that their voices were heard and validated. Through this they generate a sense of understanding about themselves, and the world around them. When children have a voice, they can bring forth new ideas to create a much richer experience. Where children ask the questions and children find the answers. If I created all the knowledge and all the answers the children would be bored and with a lack of stimulation, and that’s the opposite of what I want.

 Giving children an opportunity to foster love and respect for themselves, others and their environment gives them a sense of ideology and understanding about how things work in the world around them. When children are in an environment where their ideas, culture, and beliefs are heard they feel valued. When self-expression is promoted children start to understand who they are, and what their purpose is in life. I am a strong believer that if we believe in children they will come to believe in themselves. When children believe in themselves they believe in the Educators and material they are presented with. This bond helps children to feel safe and secure in what they are doing, and who they have around them. I truly believe that if children follow a routine they learn to respect their time, other time, and the rules. Through this children gain respect for themselves and everything around them

 Personally being an educator gives me the opportunity to be able to constantly learn, grow, and reflect through everything I do each day. One of my goals as an educator is to foster a love for learning. When children love learning the knowledge that they gain is continuous. As an educator being culturally diverse, compassionate, spiritual, emotional, understanding, confident, and dedicated. I believe that it is a child’s right to receive the highest quality of learning, as well as the right to have caring educators around them who are sensitive to the needs of each and every child. This is the educator I want to be; and I will work my hardest to be the best.


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